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Calling for Expression of Interest (EOI) for improving capability and development of Laboratories of Commodity testing and quality management CTQM

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Fri, 10/13/2023 - 13:14 -- consumer_admin

Commodity Testing and Quality Management CTQM Division of Department of Consumer Affairs under Ministry of Commerce is located next to Yangon-Bago road, Kyunggalay Village, Hlegu Township, Yangon Region, Myanmar.

Conducting laboratory tests of agricultural produces, the laboratories in CTQM has been rendering technical assistance to exporters as well as importers by issuing test reports needed for trade facilitation.

By collaboration with domestic and/ or foreign testing business entrepreneurs, the intention of calling for EOI is to obtain international certification (ISO/IEC 17025) and ensure all round development especially for economic viability by commercialization.

Interested companies shall download the Expression of Interest (EOI) form via and submit it to the (52) Office, Department of Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Commerce during office hours or via email address between 20th October, 2023 to 15th November, 2023.

Company credentials to be submitted along with Expression of Interest (EOI) are as follows:

(a)  Clear Notice expressing interest for doing business (in the form of Joint Operation - JO)

(b)  Valid Company Registration Certificate

(c)  Information of foreign company if the prospective investor is local company and there is a foreign company that cooperate technically with it.(attach details)

(d)  Business experience carried out by the prospective investor (attach the evidence if there is experience on working with the local government or foreign organizations)

(e ) Financial evidences of the prospective investor (attach the report audited by certified auditor within the previous 3 years)

(f)   Name of Company; Contact person and his /her Business Occupation, National Identification Card (N.R.C)/ Passport, Address, Phone number and email address

(For more information, please contact to office line-phones: 067-3430459, 067-3430510)

Department of Consumer Affairs