Myanmar Inspection & Testing Services Ltd

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      In 1954, Mr.Yisoee and his deligation from Japan arrived in Myanmar and with the direction of Mr.Yisoee and Mr.Johnson, INTICO (Burma) has been comprised of Steel Brother Inspection Surveyor from Myanmar. In 1965, number of 22 Central Trade Corporation has been organized and in 1988, the services such as goods inspection, pesticide smoking, and port clearness have been carried out as an Inspection and Agency Services in terms of the changes of political and economic system. In 1990-91 press release, Dated 10.10.1990 of Ministry of Trade, Notification No. ( 29/90 ), Myanmar Inspection & Testing Services Ltd has been organized with the cooperation of Inspection Agency Services ( IAS ) and Specialist Services International Limited ( SSI London ). From the date of 1.1.1991, non-public joint company has been founded under the Special Company Act (1950). In press release, Dated 22.9.2009 of Minister Office, Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development, Notification No (44/2009), Myanmar Inspection & Testing Services Ltd has been changed to organize as the company which is 100% fully owned by Ministry of Commerce.
      Ministry of Commerce has been constituted by the number of eleven directors and CEO and general manager are followed the guideline of Ministry of Commerce. Nowadays, the tasks are being run by the number of (70) staffs.
     It aims to exercise unitedly with rules and regulation laid down by the state, to provide legal evidence if it claims to redress, to request for something replaced by one side as there is loss, damage, out of quality and improper materials, to achieve successfully the value in terms of good quality and right quantity, to cease trade complaint cases and to get recommendation between buyers and sellers in which product items, quality, standard, packing system complied with the specification of treaty in the implementation of product inspection.
Making inspection of products includes checking:

  • (1) input/ output
  • (2) Food, Foodstuff, Cooking oil
  • (3) milk & dairy products
  • (4) Bitumen
  • (5) Onsite road, bridge and construction materials and
  • (6) governmental materials.

As the future activities,

  • (a) MITS is standing as the representative agency of the State which exercise the needs of inspection tasks of the Ministry of Commerce.
  • (b) It is managing to apply modern testing instrument and technology which is complied with the specification of international organization.
  • (c) It is planning to extend inspection activities in implementing High Risk Item and cooperating with Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • (d) It is exercising to become high quality organization and achieve ISO 17020, ISO 9001:2015.