Commodity Testing and Quality Management

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The original project proposal for the establishment of Post-Harvest Technology Application Center (PTAC) was drawn by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) in 1979. The project was possible with  ADB   (Asia Development Bank)’ s help US $0.15 million for consultancy services in 1981 and 1550 million Yen supported by JICA in 1983. After officially handed over to the Government of Myanmar on 23rd March 1985, Post- Harvest Technology Application Center, (PTAC) has been started  implementation of functions at Kyungalay Village, Hlegu Township, Yangon Region.In Oct, 2013, the former Post-Harvest Technology Application (PTAC) was transformed into Commodity Testing and Quality Management Center (CTQM).
      The establishment of CTQM is to maintain the quality of agricultural produces, to support agricultural market development, to share advanced post-harvest technology compatible with the country's development level and to minimize post-harvest losses.

   Commodity Testing and Quality Management is responsible for following functions

  • (1) Conducting studies about quality, specification and standardization of goods produced and exported within and outside the country, particularly focusing on fulfilling market requirements.
  • (2) Communicating with related organizations of domestic and abroad in order to keep up with fast changing advanced technology in quality management of trade
  • (3) Building capacity of testing-services and providing laboratory equipment in order to extend  fields and parameters of laboratory tests
  • (4) Exploring the topics concerned with the protection of consumer interests, such as SPS,TBT in line with globally acceptable market requirements
  • (5) Carrying out research and development activities in quality management